40% off! - Get the sequel to the hit trivia game for a limited time launch price.------------------------------------------------Big Stakes in Sin City The sequel to the hit iPhone/iPod Touch game based on Discovery Channel’s cult gameshow packs an all new look, even more challenging questions and dozens of enhancement into this full featured trivia app. Moving from New York to Las Vegas for the sequel, Cash Cab: After Dark - Las Vegas takes players on a wild ride through Sin City in the only taxi cab that pays. Like the show, players ride in the back seat of a taxi cab and are quizzed on general knowledge and Vegas trivia questions all the way to their destination. As the meter ticks, the stakes get higher. Miss three questions, and the Cash Cab pulls over and ejects you onto the sidewalk, no matter where you are in the city.------------------------------------------------Features:• Answer 550 general knowledge questions with a pop culture and Las Vegas flavor. • Explore true/false, multiple choice and Red Light Challenge questions. • Color commentary from host and comedian Ben Bailey • "Ride with a Friend" and “Street Shout Out” lifelines. • Travel to 16 different destinations throughout Las Vegas. • Additional question packs available as DLC. • See how you stack up with online leaderboards. • Music from the show or music from your iTunes• Play in both landscape and portrait views------------------------------------------------Follow us on Twitter:

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