FAQ by Slateman

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 09/01/12 | Printable Version

Document:   DDP:DFK Guide
Game:       DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu (Asia)
            DoDonPachi: Resurrection (US/Europe)
Platform:   Arcade / Xbox360 / IOS / Android
Developer:  Cave
Publisher:  Cave / Rising Star Games

Author:     Slateman (slateman@godflesh.com)
Version:    1.5
Date:       September 1st, 2012

Table Of Contents

1:    About

2:    Game History
      2a:   DoDonPachi History
      2b:   DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu History
      2c:   DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu Release History
      2d:   Personal DDP History

3:    Ship & Mode Overview
      3a:   Ship Details
      3b:   Mode Details

4:    Game Mechanics
      4a:   Aura
      4b:   Bees
      4c:   Chains
      4d:   Hypers
      4e:   Bullet-Canceling
      4f:   Scoring Basics

5:    Game Features
      5a:   Ura Path
      5b:   Second Loop
      5c:   1-Up

6:    Game Modes
      6a:   Xbox 360 Mode (1.5)
      6b:   Novice Mode (1.5)
      6c:   Arrange Mode A
      6d:   Arrange Mode B
      6e:   Black Label     (Not completed)
      6f:   Version 1.51    (Not completed)
      6g:   IOS/Android     (Not completed)

7:    Replay Mode

8:    Achievement Guide
      8a:   Arrange Mode A Achievements
      8b:   Arrange Mode B Achievements
      8c:   Black Label Achievements
9:    Credits

10:   Legal Stuff


Revision Notes
1.0    First document
       NO information on Black Label or 1.51
       NO information pertaining to IOS/Android versions
       To Work On (i.e. Can you help me w/ this stuff?)
       Section 5a: How do you return to the Tsuujou path from Ura path?
       Section 5c: Does dying affect the 1-Up on level 3?
       Section 6a1: Need help on Bee Scoring - Can you help?

1.5   (Like what I did there?)
      Various tweaks and fixes.  Nothing major added

      (To Work On / Fixing)
      DDP2 Release Year
      DoDonPuchi Zero issue
      DonPuchi release years
      Section 4a (Aura) could use some more elaboration.
      Section 4c (Chains) - How do chains on boss battles differ?

1:     About

DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu translates roughly to "Angry Bee Boss: Great 
Resurrection".  It is the fifth main entry in the DonPachi series of games.  
The game was released in Japanese arcades in the spring of 2008 and later 
ported to mobile devices and consoles.  In the west, it was dubbed DoDonPachi:
Resurrection and ultimately made more accessible upon its release on 
iPhone, iPad, European Xbox360s and Android devices.

This guide will cover the Xbox360 version first and foremost.  Wherever I have
details on these other versions, I will add them but they are not the main 
focus.  However, the gameplay is generally the same, so most of this guide will
relate to any version of the game you have.  

I will speak about this game as DDP:DFK or just DFK, abandoning the western 
title entirely.  You will see various acronyms used throughout; you should 
generally know these already, but for reference:

DDP      DoDonPachi
DFK      Daifukkatsu
DOJ      DoDonPachi: Dai-Ou-Jou (or DDP3, the greatest ever!)
SDOJ     DoDonPachi: Sa-Dai-Ou-Jou (DDP5)


2:      Game History

Here we'll talk about DonPachi and its 4 sequels here! 
Well...I don't know if Maximum really counts as a sequel.  I vote "No."

2a:     DoDonPachi History

1995   DonPachi                         Arcade, PS1, Saturn
1997   DoDonPachi                       Arcade, PS1, Saturn
????   DoDonPachi 2: Bee Storm          Arcade (developed by IGS, not Cave)
2002   DoDonPachi: Dai-Ou-Jou           Arcade, PS2, IOS 
   aka DoDonPachi: Blissful Death       
2008   DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu          Arcade, Xbox360, IOS, Android        
   aka DoDonPachi: Resurrection         
2012   DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou       Arcade
2012   DoDonPachi: Maximum              Windows Phone

20xx   DonPuchi                         Cellular Phone 
20xx   DoDonPuchi                       Cellular Phone 
20xx   DoDonPuchi Zero (?)              Cellular Phone
20xx   DonPin                           Cellular Phone (Pinball Game) 

I don't know if DoDonPuchi and DoDonPuchi Zero are different games or not.

2b:    DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu History

       The initial release of the game came out in spring of 2008 and 
       featured a game-breaking bug.  
       Fixing some of the main issues with version 1.0 and adding the green
       Type-B ship, this came out less than two months after version 1.0.  
       This revision adds two more numbers to the score and several other 
       smaller fixes.  1.5 is therefore the main release of DFK and is the 
       version found on the Xbox360/IOS/Android ports. 

       This is DLC for home conversions and was made public only at the Cave
       Matsuri Festival in 2010.  This has some differences to the scoring
       system and has only one loop.  The button configuration is akin to 
       that of DDP:DOJ.  

Black Label
       Following in the tradition of Black-Label releases, this was issued 
       in 2010.  This was released as DLC for console versions and 
       features its own set of achievements.  There were numerous changes to 
       the system for this version.

2c:   DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu Release History

Arcade   1.0
         1.51 (Cave Matsuri Festival Only)
         Black Label
IOS      DoDonPachi Resurrection HD
         DoDonPachi Resurrection

Android  DoDonPachi Resurrection (Europe)

Xbox360  1.5
         1.51 (DLC Only)
         Black Label (Standalone disc & DLC)
         Resurrection: Deluxe Edition (Europe)
2d:    Personal DDP History
      (feel free to skip this section!)

I was introduced to DonPachi and DoDonPachi back in 2001 by a friend and it 
became my favorite shooter (shmup) rather quickly.  DoDonPachi: Dai-Ou-Jou 
came out a year later and in 2003 on the Playstation 2.  I imported this
day one and it remains my favorite shmup ever.  The challenge in DOJ is absurd
but it is the most rewarding game I've ever played.  Chaining level 1 remains
one of my proudest achievements in gaming.  I played this for five years before 
its successor, DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu came out in 2008.  Sadly, it was four
more years before I could play it.  The gameplay in DFK is not as rigorous 
which, at my age and place in life, is actually rather welcome.  Of course, 
DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou came out just as I got DFK, so the math suggests
*maybe* I'll play SDOJ in 2016 if I'm lucky.  

As a long-time member of the shmup online community (links below), I found it 
somewhat difficult culling all of the information I wanted from the various
sources.  Much of the information found here was from these forums and credit 
will be given wherever that info was taken directly.  Otherwise, it was just 
me tinkering around in all the modes trying to get accurate info.  

In any event, I LOVE me some DDP and find DFK to be a lot of fun, particularly
with the different modes and DLC.  I think the game looks fantastic and is 
something I can play in front of my kids (unlike most games nowadays!)  OK, 
that's enough.  Read on, enjoy...hopefully there's something useful for you in 


3:      Ship & Mode Overview

As this is so important to your game, we'll discuss the three types of ships
and three types of modes here.

3a:     Ship Details

There are three types of ships in DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu.  As with prior 
DDP games, the balance comes with width of shot vs speed.  I find the Type
C ship to be far too slow and its shots too wide to keep up a good chain.  
On the other hand, Type A's speed is wonderful, albeit at a sacrifice of
shot width.  I digress.  Here are the details with Pros/Cons (+/-) listed.

Type A (Red)
     Fastest Ship
     Narrow Shot
     + Strongest shot attack power.
     + Fastest to build Hyper
     - Vulnerable on sides due to options being located in front.

Type B (Green)
     Medium Speed
     Medium Shot (Controllable by direction of movement)

     + Strongest laser 
     / Medium speed to build Hyper (+/- I guess)
Type C (Blue)
     Slowest Ship
     Widest Shot
     - Delay when switching from Normal to Boost in Power Style.
     - Slowest to build Hyper


3b:     Style Details

There are three styles of play in DDP:DFK and they drastically affect how the 
game is played.  Coupling these with three types of ship and you have a very 
diverse game.  Choosing an adequate combination is essential for both survival 
and score.  

Options listed below refer to the orbiting mini-ships surrounding your ship.

Bomb Style

    * Three options and three bombs to start.  
    * After each death, another bomb will be added to your stock (max is 6)
    * Auto-Bomb when hit.  This is weaker than a regular bomb.
    * Weakest laser, cannot push back lasers from the largest of enemies.

Power Style

    * Change between Normal (weaker/faster) and Boost (more powerful/slower).
      - (Normal) - Two Options
      - (Boost)  - Four Options
    * Hyper charges the fastest in Power Style.
      - (Normal) - Regular shot charges Hyper meter faster but is less powerful.
      - (Boost)  - Clears bullets better, doesn't charge Hyper as fast.
    * Don't start with bombs in stock.  Max is 1.

    * Auto-Bomb when you have one in stock.  
      - (Normal) - Auto-Bomb is a normal manual bomb.
      - (Boost)  - Auto-Bomb is a standard, auto-bomb.

    * Smallest Aura shot area (see section 4a)
    * The best style for points, also the most challenging to master.
Strong Style

    * Six Options
    * After each death, another bomb will be added to your stock (max is 6)
    * Auto-Bomb when hit.  This is weaker than a regular bomb.


4:    Game Mechanics

To the non-familiar gamer, a shooter like DDP is likely one (or more) of 
several things.  Too difficult, over too quickly, too expensive, not enough.

The 'problem' here is that any gamer can blaze through the game, using
continues and not diving into what makes this game/series so great.  Really, 
many could gloss over the entire genre without appreciating how fantastic is
all truly is.  However, you're here reading this FAQ and therefore you have
already the curiosity.  


4a:    Aura

Your ship is surrounded by a ring when using laser and this aura can help
protect you from smaller enemies and small lasers.  

Apparently, while attacking an enemy with a laser, you can also move this aura
over the enemy to deal additional damage.  This will also boost your hyper 

I'm a bit unclear on how this all works but it seems you should use this on 
larger enemies and bosses, particularly between boss bullet patterns.  


4b:     Bees

Seeing as how DoDonPachi translates roughly to 'Angry Bee Boss', the 
recurring theme of collectible bees is rather fitting.  DFK features nine
bees on each stage (10 in level 1, based on which path you take) and in 
each mode in DFK (1.5, Novice, Arrange A & B) their involvement in scoring 
differs.  I will detail how they work in each mode in each mode's individual

Bees are scattered throughout each of DFK's five levels and are hidden in 
version 1.5.  You should memorize their location and plan your route 

In order to locate and reveal each bee, you will use your laser.  By passing
over each bee's location with your laser, you will see a transparent outline
of the bee.  By hitting this location with the tip of your laser, you will 
reveal the bee.  Note that on Novice Mode, all bee locations are revealed.  
They are also easy to locate on each of the Arrange Modes.  

Upon revealing a bee, in all but Arrange Mode A, it will flash in one of 
two colors, Green and Gold.  The general idea (scoring differs in each mode)
is that Green will fill your hyper meter and Gold will give you points.  If
you can manage to collect the bee while it is changing from one to the other,
and is white, you will receive the benefits of both; your hyper meter will
fill and you will also receive the point boost.  This is obviously the 
most beneficial choice but the timing of doing so is more challenging.

Bees aren't necessarily as important to points as in prior DDP games, but
collecting all the bees on any given level in 1.5 will yield 3.2 million
points.  Not too bad, really.  Bees also count towards your combo.

Finally, collecting bees on each stage is one of the requirements of 
reaching the second loop.  You will need at least 35 to progress into the 
second loop, all 45 for the Ura loop.


4c:     Chains

As with every DonPachi game, chains are at the heart of scoring and therefore
the game itself.  Copying what I wrote on my DOJ FAQ:

In the upper left hand corner of the screen you will find the GP (Get Point) 
Meter.  Your goal is to keep this meter filled at all times.  There are 2 ways
in which you can accomplish this:

   1.  Causing Explosions
   2.  Keeping your laser on an enemy

Generally, things work the same as they have for years in the DDP world; each
enemy you destroy fills up the GP meter a set amount.  After that explosion, 
the meter will slowly decrease.  You must keep it active by destroying enemies
before the meter empties or by maintaining laser contact with an enemy 
(typically larger ones).  Doing this will keep your GP meter filled at a 
steady level until it's destroyed.  

In the past, when your meter emptied, your chain was broken.  However, in 
DFK, your combo doesn't just return to zero as the more rigid (i.e. brutal) 
scoring of DOJ, etc had.  By allowing your GP meter to empty, your chain will 
start to lose numbers as it did in the less-than-popular DDP2.  This will 
give you an opportunity to pick up your chain and add to your high combo 
count.  However, if your Hyper meter is full or if you are currently in 
Hyper mode, this break in a chain will result in it returning to zero.  In 
addition, dying, Bombing or Auto-Bombing will break your chain and you 
will have to start all over again.  Boss battles seem to function differently.
How precisely?  More research needed!

Playing through DFK without chaining is an entertaing experience.  Prolonging
that experience by focusing on enemy/bee locations and scoring is what makes 
DFK and DDP in general such a rewarding series.  


4d:     Hypers

Introduced in DOJ were Hypers and the Hyper meter.  DFK continues that element
and adds to it.  Like in the past, destroying enemies will fill up your Hyper
Gauge.  Activating Hyper allows your normal and laser shots to become larger
and more powerful.  

Building Hypers comes naturally by destroying ships and maintaining laser 
contact with enemies.  Note that certain ships and styles (Type A/Power) 
build your Hyper meter faster than others (Type C).  In addition, recall 
that collecting green or white/changing bees add to your Hyper gauge.

Engaging your Hyper will make the ring around your ship into a counter.  It 
will rotate counter-clockwise indicating how long you have until your Hyper
runs out.  You will also receive a short moment of invincibility when releasing
your hyper.  This can be greatly beneficial.

While in hyper mode, your normal shot will cancel bullets.  This means all
normal bullets fired towards you will change color and disappear (well, at 
least until you raise your rank, see two paragraphs down).  Of course, this 
can help you out a great deal when overwhelmed, trapped or cornered.  
However, the most important element of bullet canceling is that it is the main
means of building your chain.  More details below in Section 4e.

Your laser will not cancel bullets in Hyper mode, but will prove effective
against any kind of enemy laser.  Recall that in Bomb style, your laser is 
weak against strong enemy lasers.  While using Hyper, you may push back any 
enemy laser with any ship/style.  In addition, using a laser shot against an
enemy laser here will boost your combo.

While in Hyper mode, your rank increases and enemy bullets will increase in 
number and strength.  Rank fluctuates between 0 and 5 and goes up each time
you use it.  Higher rank means higher difficulty, of course.  It also reduces
your ability to cancel bullets, thereby making it harder to continue your chain.
Dying, bombing and completing a level will all lower your rank.

Finally, having a full hyper meter also acts as a multiplier.  This is all
dependent on your current chain total.  By filling your hyper meter and not
using it, your score for each kill goes up according to the following chart:

Hyper Multiplier
     1x   0      -  499        
     2x   500    -  999      
     3x   1,000  -  2,999  
     4x   3,000  -  4,999
     5x   5,000  -  6,999
     6x   7,000  -  9,999
     7x   10,000 Hits +

Couple this with bullet canceling portion of raising your chain (which we
have yet to discuss) and you have the essentials of scoring in DFK.


4e:     Bullet Canceling

Glossing over canceling above, this is an enormous portion of the game and 
requires some basic details.  Bullet canceling only occurs when you are in 
Hyper mode and can only be done while using normal shot.  This is the 
fundamental basis to getting high combos in DFK.  

After entering Hyper mode, use normal shot to cancel enemy bullets and add to 
your combo meter.  This will protect you from normal enemy shots (not lasers)
but its use is more for maxing your chain.    

Now that we have the basics of Hyper->Canceling = Chains, how precisely does 
this relate to score?

4f:     Scoring Basics

After filling your hyper meter, you will want to wait for a section where 
there are a lot of bullets.  Upon unleashing your hyper, your goal will be to 
max out your chain by canceling as many bullets as possible.  

This does not mean you want to destroy your enemies.  In fact, keeping them 
alive just to cancel their bullets is the most efficient way of getting a huge

After your chain has ended, the common consensus is to max out your Hyper 
gauge again and then to keep your chain going.  As the hyper meter acts like 
a multiplier (remember the chart from above?), your full hyper meter will 
keep your score going up and up.  

Oh, and keep collecting bees!  Ideally, you will want to avoid green bees, 
particularly once you have a full Hyper gauge.  As detailed above, go for 
the gold bees or collect them while they're white/changing.  

Now, I am far from an expert and the scoring system is likely more detailed
than this.  However, this is a basic overview of how scoring works.  If 
I have missed anything, please let me know.  I'd love to expand this section.


5:      Game Features

These are just some details about the paths and loops in the game.  These 
are pretty cool.

5a:     Ura Midboss Requirements

Starting the game, you are placed in the Tsuujou path and may continue the 
entire game this way.  However, the coolest addition to DFK is the inclusion of
a separate path.  This is called the Ura path and by meeting some basic 
requirements, you will meet prior DDP bosses as mid-bosses in DFK.  This is
the only way to collect all of the bees in the game.  In addition, you will
unlock the 'Taking A Detour' achievement (10g) by doing this in either 
1.5 Modes (Xbox360 or Novice) as well as Arrange Mode A.

The Ura path is opened quickly in the first stage.  You must get past the 
the section with the three tanks with the following conditions:

    1.  Do Not Die
    2.  Full Hyper Meter
    3.  Do Not Allow Tanks To Destroy Silos
So, starting level 1, don't die and make sure you have a full hyper meter 
for the section after the third tank.  You MAY use a hyper before, but in 
Bomb or Strong modes, you probably won't have enough time to refill your 
hyper gauge.  In Power mode, you can do this rather easily.  

The final segment is an odd one.  There are three tanks in this section,  
and they enter from the left, then the right, then the left.  There are 
four silos (round-looking things on the floor).  You want to make sure
the tanks do not destroy these.  You can accomplish this by destroying
the tanks, the silos or both.  However, don't let any of the tanks do
the destroying.

Though, apparently one silo *may* be destroyed.  I'm unsure of specifics

Uncovering and/or collecting bees has no bearing on the Ura path.  I 
have verified this in all modes on the Xbox360.  

After fulfilling these requirements, the screen will change and your ship 
will move to the left.  It will be clear you've warped to the Ura path.
If you follow the streets up and meet the standard mid-boss, you have 
done something wrong and cannot enter the Ura path again until stage 3.

ResumeDPosition writes (and credits adversity1):

"...if you collect the 7 bees on each stage in the normal path and not die 
at all excluding bosses."  (http://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?t=28305)

Either way, you will remain in the Ura path for the duration of the game unless
you (Unsure here.  Die?  Bomb?  Anyone?) at which case you'll be returned to 
the Tsuujou path.  


5b:     Second Loop (Tsuujou / Ura Loops)

Completing the game while meeting certain requirements will allow you to 
continue on to a second loop.  You should aim to take the Ura path for the 
first loop; it'll be easier to collect bees for the second Tsuujou loop
and because you must to reach the second Ura loop.

Oh, and each of these can be reached on Novice Mode as well.  

Tsuujou Loop
     No Continues + Collect 35 bees
or   No Continues + Use two bombs or less
or   No Deaths (Bees/bombs don't matter)
     (Can someone validate this for me?)

By starting the Tsuujou Loop, you will unlock the 'A Daunting Task' achievement
(worth 20g).  The second Tsuujou loop will allow you to fight Taisabachi as 
your final boss.

Upon beginning the second loop, you no longer have to worry about bees, bombs
or dying.  You may continue as well and you will ultimately face Taisabachi.

Defeat Taisabachi and you will unlock the 'Abominable Execution Weapon'
achievement (worth 30g, English translation for Taisabachi is Golden Disaster)

Ura Loop
     Complete the Ura path on the first loop
     Collect all 45 bees
     Die no more than once
     Use two bombs or less	
By starting the Ura Loop, you will unlock the 'Suicide Mission' achievement
(worth 40g).  The Ura loop will allow you to fight the true ending boss 
Hibachi.  Keeping with the series' tradition, Hibachi is the ultimate final 

Upon beginning the Ura loop, you no longer have to worry about bees, bombs
or dying.  You may continue as well and you will ultimately face Hibachi.

Defeat Hibachi and you will unlock the 'Destroy ]-[|/34<#!' achievement (worth
50g, English translation for Hibachi is ]-[|/34<#!, get it?)


5c:     1-Up

Every Cave game has a 1-Up (extra life) featured later in the game.  In 
several games it appeared on level 4, in DFK it's found on level 3.  Towards
the end of the stage you'll find an enormous mechanical part of the ship that
spews out tons of bullets.  You must defeat this enemy without using a bomb
to reveal the 1-up.  

Q: Does dying affect this?


6:     Game Modes

There are 6 different available modes on the Xbox360.  The IOS and Android 
versions differ somewhat, but I have yet to play either and these are not
covered in depth in this document.  

While mechanics of the game have been covered already, what follows are mainly
just differences between modes and bee information.  Arrange modes and (soon)
Black Label and 1.51 details will also be covered.  


6a:     Xbox360 Mode (Ver 1.5)

Since I have already gone over most of the mechanics of this game, there is 
little left to discuss.  You will begin Xbox360 Mode with a stock of three ships
as you go through five levels.  You may access the Ura path by following the 
directions listed in section 5a.  Scoring works as detailed in section 4f.  
What's left?  Bees!

6a1:    Xbox360 Mode: Bees

As detailed above, there are nine bees on each level (10 on level one) and 
for points purposes, you will want to collect them all.  In addition, you will
unlock the achievement 'Bee Completion' (25g) for collecting them all
on any one level.

Bees come in three flavors.  

     Green:    100 points + Fills Hyper Meter
     Gold:     Math Below!
     White:    While flashing between green/white - get both benefits!

You should aim to collect these while they are flashing so to receive the 
hyper meter boost as well as the fantastic point boost.  However, when your
hyper meter is full, going for the gold version is just as good.

For each bee you collect, you will receive the following:

Bonus Point Totals

    Bonus     / # Gold / All Bees
    10,000      x 2
    20,000      x 3
    40,000      x 4
    60,000      x 5
    80,000      x 6
    100,000     x 7
    120,000     x 8     
    140,000     x 9
    160,000     x 10   x 2

The first multiplier has to do with the number of bees you collect.
The second multiplier is based on just how many gold/white bees you collect.
The third multiplier is a x2 when you have collected them all.

Therefore, if you collect 6 bees (5 green then 1 gold) you will receive
    100,000  x 2  (100,000 for 6 bees)(x2 for only 1 gold bee)

Now, there is more to this I'm fairly certain.  I think the Bonus value 
in the chart above goes up (or there's a different multiplier) based on:

    Perfect Bee Collection? (got all 9 on level 1, values on level 2 doubled?)
    **This needs help.  Anyone?


6b:     Novice Mode (Ver 1.5)

While many people are against the concept of novice modes in games, it works 
rather well in DFK.  This mode features everything from the regular 
arcade/Xbox360 mode and most achievements are unlockable while playing Novice
Mode.  I think it's a spectacular inclusion and will allow more than the 
<1% of gamers to get to feel the enjoyment of 1CCing the game and going on to
fight Hibachi.  

6b1:    Novice Mode: Bees

All bees are revealed in novice mode from the outset so it will prove easier
to collect the 35/45 needed to progress to the second loop.

You may still collect green bees (100 points + Fills Hyper Meter)

Gold/White changing bees use the following math.

     Bonus x # of bees per stage (x2 for all)

Bonus Point Totals (in thousands)

     Level--->  1     2     3     4        5
     1st Bee    10    20    40    80       80/160?
     2nd Bee    20    40    80    160
     3rd Bee    40    80    160   320
     4th Bee    60    120   240   480
     5th Bee    80    160   320   640
     6th Bee    100   200   400   800
     7th Bee    120   240   480   960
     8th Bee    140   280   560   1,120
     9th Bee    160   320   640   1,280

This means for each successive bee you collect while it is gold, you 
will get 20,000 (then 40, 60, 80...) x the # you have collected.  

Again, an example would be on level 4.  

If you have collected all 9 bees, you will receive:
     1,280,000 x 9 = 11.5 million points or so.


6c:     Arrange Mode A (Ver L)

This mode is based on DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou.  

Main Differences
    Type-A Ship / Power Mode Only (Powered up nicely too!)
    Sped-up gameplay
    Collect hyper icons
    Gold bees only, location identified by green circles.

6c1:     Scoring

As with every other mode, you will want to fill your hyper meter.  Since it's
Type-A / Power, this is the fastest combination to do so.  Upon filling up 
your hyper meter, a hyper icon will float from the top of the screen.  You 
should pick this up (and once, avoid it, to get the 'The One That Got Away'
achievement (10g)).  

You can collect up to five hypers (and fill the hyper meter again with five in
stock for the 'Charged Up' achievement (20g))

Your ship will then be surrounded by up to five white rings, each with a number
spinning.  This gives you the number of stocked hypers. When you activate your 
hyper, a large number will appear telling you which level you used.  (i.e. a 
big #5 will be shown if you start a level 5 hyper).  Like the other modes, a
ring will show you how long you have remaining on your current hyper.

The goal, as with every DDP, is to max out your chain.  The way this is done 
is different from the regular method in 1.5.  Let's read.

How To Build Your Chain

Every bullet fired towards you in Arrange Mode A will have a small square around
it.  You will want to build up your hyper and unleash it where there are a lot 
of bullets.  Since you are using Power Mode here, you can opt to fire using 
Normal Shot or Boost Shot.  Each functions differently when you activate a 

Using Normal mode, use your regular shot to 'tag' the bullets.  When you have 
done this, you will see a small green number beside the bullet and the word 
HIT written in yellow.  For each bullet you 'tag' with your normal shot, 
your combo will go up.  This is a lot like regular 1.5 mode except you're not 
canceling the bullets in the process.

Using Boost on the other hand will cancel bullets like a regular hyper does in 
DFK.  Therefore, using a mix of both Normal shot and Boost shot will keep you
safe and max out your combo.  There is an achievement for getting a 
10,000-hit combo as well as a 100,000-hit combo, so there are some 
opportunities for massive combos, particularly on levels 4 and 5.

Using laser here is beneficial on bosses, big enemies and lasers.  

While not in hyper, I see no real difference between using Normal and Boost.  
Whichever you prefer really; it does affect speed and strenght of shot however.

It also appears rather unwise to use hypers on bosses.  My intermediate-at-best
experience tells me this is just an invitation for a beatdown as well as a 
waste of hyper.

6c2:     Arrange Mode A Bees

There are no green bees in this mode.  Bees will all be gold and will 
flash white->gold.  Therefore, you cannot collect green bees to boost your
hyper meter.  Instead, these are all point-based.  How you collect them 
is important.  (More below)

Since Arrange Mode A is based on DOJ, point totals here are also like DOJ.
Each bee collected will be related to your current combo.  So, your hit 
total will be multiplied with a bonus modifer (below) and then also with the 
number of bees you have collected on the current stage.  Note that dying 
resets the 'bees per stage' portion of this.  As with the other modes, you 
get a 2x multiplier when you've collected all 9 bees.

     Hit total x Bonus x # of bees per stage (x2 for all)

Bonus Point Totals

     Stage 1      50,000 / 500
     Stage 2      40,000 / 400
     Stage 3      30,000 / 300
     Stage 4      20,000 / 200
     Stage 5      10,000 / 100

The difference here is striking and so you will want to make sure you 
collect bees the proper way.  You will receive the higher point total
(100x higher, BTW) by:
     Revealing/Picking up the bee in one motion
     Collecting the bee while white (not gold)

Since bees are identified by a green circle, you can reveal and pick 
them up in one blast of your laser.  However, if you reveal them and 
collect them later while they are still in a regular gold state, 
you will receive the lower point total.  Instead, wait until it 
flashes white to get the higher total.

Note that these totals are the same for the second loop as well.


6d:     Arrange Mode B (Ver B)

Is it OK to say I have no clue what is going on here?  

This section will require some additional work.  More to come!


6e:     Black Label
6f:     Version 1.51

I have yet to download these versions but plan on doing so shortly.  Once I 
have had time to play them, I will update this guide with details.  


6g:     IOS/Android Versions

I have yet to purchase either version and will not write anything on these
modes until I have hands-on time with them.  For now, I believe most of this
works similarly to version 1.5 (Xbox360 mode).  More later.

Oh, I do know that on the IOS version, you can play as Hibachi by defeating him
after completing the second Ura loop.  Doing so will unlock him on the ship 
select screen.

If you don't want to do that (I guess it *is* a challenge), you can unlock him
the following way (but you have to re-enter the code each time)

On the ship select screen, highlight Type A ship, then move the cursor in this

Starting on Type A
So, highlight A, move to B, C, etc.etc.  

Hibachi has some special attacks and has an option that shoots how you are
tilting your device.  

credit to: 


7:    Replays

Going online to watch replays is always a great way to learn new techniques and
scoring methods.  You may also check out the online leaderboards and download
high-score replays and then watch them on your system.  There is no stage 
select or method of skipping around so you will be forced to watch the entire
replay each time.  However, you can use these to help you zip around more
quickly or to slow down to see precisely what is going on.

     Press X to toggle between normal speed and 2/3/4/5x fast forwarding.
     Press Y to toggle between normal speed and 2/3/4/5x slow motion.
     Press A to return to normal speed.


8:     Achievement Guide

This portion of the FAQ will be broken into sections for each mode.  Most 
are self explanatory but where additional details are necessary I will give 
information.  This section needs some more work.

MOST of these may be unlocked by playing through on Novice Mode.

A * besides the point value indicates a Hidden Achievement

5     Engage Hostiles                Start a game

5     Pruning The Tulips             Beat level 1 mid boss
10    Senko                          Beat level 2 mid boss
10    Raiko                          Beat level 4 mid boss

15    A.I.                           Defeat level 1 boss
15    NextExy                        Defeat level 2 boss
15    Perfect*                       Defeat level 3 boss
15    Ray'n                          Defeat level 4 boss
15    Shooty                         Defeat level 5 boss
30    Abominable Execution Weapon	 Defeat Golden Disaster (Taisabachi)
50*   ]-[|/34<#!                     Defeat ]-[|/34<#!      (Hibachi)

10    2x Bonus!	                     Connect a 500-hit combo
15    3x Bonus!                      Connect a 1,000-hit combo
25    5x Bonus!                      Connect a 5,000-hit combo
50*   7x Bonus!                      Connect a 10,000-hit combo

20    Type-A                         Clear the game using the Type-A ship
20    Type-B                         Clear the game using the Type-B ship
20    Type-C                         Clear the game using the Type-C ship

30*   BOMB Style Victory             Clear the game using Bomb style
30*   POWER Style Victory            Clear the game using Power style
30*   STRONG Style Victory           Clear the game using Strong style
5*    KABOOM!!!!                     Survived the mother ship's destruction by
                                     an abominable force

      (These four achievements require you to complete BOTH loops)

10    Taking A Detour                Enter the secret route in level 1 (see 5a)
10    Just Don't Bomb                Pick up a 1-up item (level 3 - see 5c)
25*   Slow And Steady Wins The Race  Enter the secret route after level 3
20    A Daunting Task                Enter the open second loop (see 5b)
40    Suicide Mission                Enter the hidden second loop (see 5b)

25    Bee Completion                 Collect all the bee items in a stage

20*   Descent To Hell                Pick up a bee while it was flashing on a
                                     stage with an average enemy rank of 50+
10*   By No Means                    Select "No" at the end of the first loop
15*   Lonnnnnng Range                Stay @ bottom of screen using Laser Custon 
                                     (Bottom 1/3 of screen for 70% of a stage)

50*   Quitting My Bomb Addiction     Clear the game without picking up a Bomb

10*   Too Close for Comfort          (Bomb Custom style), bombed when a bullet
                                     was 1 pixel away. (Free Bombs not counted)

8a:   Arrange Mode A Achievements

15    Taking A Detour            Enter the secret route
20    White Bee Hive             Collect all bees in a stage while they're white
20 	  Full Power!                Activate your hyper with 5 hyper items in stock
20    Charged Up                 Collect 5 hypers & fill the Hyper Meter to max
20    Extreme Generator          Charge up 5 hyper stocks during one hyper
15    10,000 Hits!               Connect a 10,000-hit combo
35    100,000 Hits!              Connect a 100,000-hit combo
30    Non-Infinite Loop          Clear the first loop
10*   The One that Got Away...	 Let a hyper drift off-screen
50*   Humanity's Triumph         Defeat ]-[|/34<#!

8b:   Arrange Mode B Achievements

10    Hyper*Hyper                Use a ton of hypers during Stage 1
5     This One's Free!           Use a Free Bomb
10    UwaAaaAAaAa                Cancel a ton of bullets after activating hyper
10    God-like Existence         Increase the Expert Gauge to max
20    Iron Plate Love            Collect 10,000 "Expert Items" on Stage 3
5     Automatic Transmission     Trigger 3 auto-bombs during play
30    Thank You For Playing      Score 50 million points+ across all stages 
8c:   Black Label Achievements

5     In The RED                  Use the RED mode
5     Prepped for Sheer Violence  Select Strong Style
5     Activate Hyper!             Activate a hyper by using a bomb stock
10    Hyper Cancelling            Cancel a hyper
10    RED GAUGE MAX               Increase the RED Gauge to max
25    Bombing ]-[|/34<#	          Destroy ]-[|/34<#! using Bomb style
25    Overpowering ]-[|/34<#      Destroy ]-[|/34<#! using Power style
50    Stronger than ]-[|/34<#     Destroy ]-[|/34<#! using Strong style
15*   What a Waste                Get a Game Over without having used a bomb
100*  [z3[)]-[|/34<#!             Destroy [z3[)]-[|/34<#!


9:     Credits

As the game was released some four years before this document was written, 
plenty of fantastic information had been made available.  While I took an 
awful lot of time going through the game, most of this document would not 
have been written without the assistance of the following sites:

Shmups Forum

I've been a member here forever and you can meet some phenomenal people here.  
The first link is to the forums, the second is to the DDP:DFK documentation.  

I prefer Cave shooters to all others, so this site/forum is right up my 
alley.  Some great stuff here.

I can't forget that when I started making web sites, GameFAQs was also a 
startup.  That was a LONG time ago.  Both the site and its boards can be 
incredibly helpful.


10:     Legal Stuff

This FAQ is copyright (c) 2012, Trevor Esposito (slateman@godflesh.com)
DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu is copyright (c) 2008-2012, Cave
DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu is trademark of Cave.

You may not distribute this for profit.  You may not edit or alter the contents
herein without the permission of the author.

Currently, this FAQ may only be hosted at GameFAQs.com.

The most current version of this FAQ can always be found here:


Hope the FAQ was useful in some form.

Good luck and have fun!