"1on1 Action Hockey" is an arcade hockey game with unique features. Score in two different ways, use power-ups, play against your friends on one device. Rock music!

"We recommend this app to not just every Air Hockey fan but any casual iPhone gamer. It's a must have game and has a lot of finesse attached to the gameplay." (HD version)
Overall: *****
"...this is the best Air Hockey app to appear. The added features take the game beyond the standard game play..."

*** Watch the gameplay video on our website! ***

You can score in two different ways. 1 point for a goal. 3 points if you light all stars up in your color!
Juice up the game and collect extras to shrink your opponent's striker, speed up the puck or protect your own goal with the defense wall!

Play against your friends on one iPhone/iPod touch, or practice your skills against the computer.

- rock music
- extras (wacky puck, defense wall, speed up, shrink, star flip)
- two different ways to score
- physics simulation
- set points to 7, 15 or 21
- Time-out and resume the match
- quick access. Only one touch away from playing!
- you have to drag the striker! No pointing anywhere and the striker magically appears
- play together on one iPhone/iPod touch

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