This is it-this is the game you've been waiting for. This is the game that will allow you to justify your iPad purchase to your technology illiterate spouse. And why?


Cause it's "Educational" We swear it is!

Bumble Jumble Party is the latest multiplayer word boardgame that will get those neurones networking, that corpus callosum synapsing, and your vocabulary expanding exponentially! You shall become loquacious to a fault!!
It's working already, isn't it?

The timer's ticking! Can you think of an internal body organ beginning with P? How about an 8 letter word starting with H? Or a word that starts with K and ends with E? Can't think of one? Sad. Bumble Jumble will give you an example:
"kaolinite: a mineral consisting of aluminium silicate."

See? "Educational"

With a range of game play options suitable for all ages, Bumble Jumble Party is the addictive word game that you can play with your mates, your kids, and even your arch enemy from when you lost the National Spelling Bee in grade 5, just to settle the score. Not that you're bitter, or anything hey.

* Supports from 2 to 8 players.
* Simple dictionary and category lists for Easy/Normal game modes.
* Massive dictionary for Genius game modes.
* Great fun for after dinner parties with friends and family.

-- NOTE --
* We have discovered a minor bug where Easy Categories games are not showing the categories correctly. A simple work around for this is to play Normal or Genius Categories games until the patch is approved for release. The tested patch for this has already been submitted to Apple and will be immediately available after it is approved.

-- Feed back --
* We have done our best to make sure our dictionary does not contain peoples names, colloquialisms, or inappropriate definitions, however if you find any words that you feel require revision, then feel free to email us your alternative definition for inclusion in our dictionary update every two months.

* Additionally, if you have any suggestions to make Bumble Jumble Party even better, then we are more than happy to hear from you.

* We hope that you are enjoying Bumble Jumble Party and look forward to hearing any feedback you may have.

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