Cloverz (free) is a two player strategy game to be played only on the same device,

each player takes a turn to play. Let cloverz bring you luck while finding your way to

completing the game in the fastest possible time.

The game will take a turn once the golden cloverz come into play, from then on you will

have only ten seconds each turn to strategize, plan and decide your winning fate.

Cloverz is about luck and speed, it is a very simple and addictive game.

Game Play

The goal of the game is to be the first to fill all the five empty clouds in ascending /

descending order to win. The player that wins a total of three games will be crowned

the cloverz champion.

Sounds simple?

Look out for the golden cloverz, they will change the gameplay and break your winning


Cloverz is developed by WEDO CODE.

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