Dangerous cyber criminals are threatening to take you down. But you refuse to be defeated. As the sole defender, you’ve got a limited set of protection tools to combat all of the threats and attacks that are coming your way. Each tool can only prevent specific threats or attacks – except the special DefensePro tool, which can wipe out anything. Use them wisely – a miss generates even more legions of advancing threats. And, don’t forget to use your security dashboard to plan your best line of defense for each coming wave of attack. Sometimes the best shot isn’t the most obvious one.

The more threats/attacks you prevent, the more points you score. Once you have defeated all of the threats/attacks on your security dashboard you can advance to the next level. Game play continues until you either prevent all threats/attacks through the last level of increasing difficulty, or are ultimately defeated by the treacherous cyber criminals.

Don’t let the cyber criminals win!

Game features:
- 4 protection tool types
- 7 levels of difficulty
- Saved game play
- Easy controls

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