Dice Master is an elegant and beautiful dice-rolling application with
a medieval theme for players of role-playing games; also great for all board games that use one or more six-sided die!

Roll via 'Shake' or 'Button'.

Supports individual die rolls for up to twelve 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12- or 20-sided dies; for example, roll eleven 10-sided dies.

Includes spinning die animations.

Supports summing of individual die rolls.

Via 'Combination Roll Die' roll up to 12 of each selected die type simultaneously.

'Roll 90 & 10 Sided' for percent rolls.

'Roll Log' supports unlimited roll logging. Automatic logging of each roll is available when you roll via 'Button'.

Via 'Settings' control:

* Dice Sound: On/Off
* Sum Sequential Rolls: On/Off
* Roll Via: Shake/Button
* Auto Log Roll: On/Off

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