The first game to bring your friends on Facebook into your gaming action!

Friends In Space is all about finish courses with the highest score and finding your Facebook friends in space!

Connect your account, find your friends, and choose their fate!
Save them from space, or Eject them into deep space... then share their fate on Facebook!

Made specifically for iOS4 and supports the iPhone 4 Retina Display.

Friends In Space launched as Galaxy Golf and is the first game ever on the iPhone that brings your Facebook friends and photos into the game and allows you to save or eject them into the deep cold of space!

Friends In Space is a game about exploration that plays like a mix between mini golf and croquet.

The player chooses a galaxy unveiling a group of courses to play; each course consists of 9 or 18 holes like a normal golf course. Instead of just one hole like in normal golf, a Friends In Space level can have multiple holes that are represented by stars. The player needs to connect the stars in order to finish the hole.

Travel through space at warp speed is not creates a lot of heat! The player needs to watch their heat and how much force they use to travel around on each hole in order to get the highest ranking possible.

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