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I spy with my little eye...
By far the most popular game from when you were a kid now on the iPad! Enjoy beautiful pictures and animations, a lovely soundtrack on the background while playing in a great kid-like atmosphere! You can play with your kid yourself, but even better, they can play this game also with each other!

Your kids will enjoy this beautiful game for hours long. It is especially created in the style of what children see in a daily life, and features high quality pictures of old coloring books brought to life on the iPad. Select spy-things and try to guess them! Easily navigate between pictures and the menu - a kid could do it!
You can even select photo's from your own iPad albums to play with! The kids love to play with pictures they made themselves or simply pictures of something they know!

If you didn't have the pleasure of playing this game when you were young (most children play it in the back of the car) here's how it works:
The first kid selects a certain object he sees and then says the following sentence: 'I spy.. with my little eye... something.. Green! (or something round/square, it can be anything!)
Then the second kid can try to guess the right object! This game supports kids by always telling them they did a great job, no matter the amount of guesses.

Download this app and enjoy the laughter of your kids for hours!

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