* How to play *
It's enable to touch animal only one time.
Playing animal turns clockwise.
If playing animal is linked with another animal, the score goes up.
If no more turning animal exists, the game ends.

* Items *
When animal count passes 200, green bloon comes out.
When you touch green bloon, it pops. And animal spins around green bloon.

The red bloon, it has same functionality as green bloon.
But when red bloon pops, special animal that shows up. If you succeeded to spin it, you can go on to next level.

* The Stage *
Animal-touch has four stages : spring, summer, autumn, winter.
And Animal-touch also contains seven different animals with three different faces.

* score rank *
Animal-touch has three different rank system.
Local rank that player can keep their ranks on their local devices.
And there is friends rank. The friends rank can share player's rank through facebook.
And finally, the global rank. With The global rank, that players can share their rank world wide.

* Option *
BGM On/Off
BGM Volume Up/Down
FX On/Off
FX Volume Up/Down

* Information *
Local Rank
FaceBookFriend Rank
Global Rank

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