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Mobile Mini Fighter, an iPhone adaption of Netmarble’s online RPG game Mini Fighter, delivers all the dynamic action and excitement of the original.

Set in the forest of Dark Woods fight against fierce monsters to become a true fighter. An action RPG game that will impress even the online Mini Fighter users.
Enjoy a different kind of thrill with the portable version of the action packed game!

? Scenario

'Dark-wood' forest, which swarmed with numerous monsters. Two guys are perfecting their martial arts skills in the forest.
One of them is Valiant 'Cro', and The other guy is Swift 'Hyuk'. They are rivals and compete each other every day in order to
tell whose martial art is stronger, Cro's ultimate fighting or Hyuk's Taekwon-do.
Meanwhile, their master, Dr.Shade, has found that abnormally strong and evil monsters have been appearing in the forest. So,
He sends Cro and Hyuk to solve the problem of Darkwood forest...

? Features

You can always freely choose the Characters("Cro" or "hyuk"). (Multiple select system)
You will see a variety of Ultimate fighting and 'taekwon-do' skills.
Each character can perform lethal moves
If you combine the characters, your character will get stronger.
You can get two kinds of 'Super characters', which are stronger and have special appearance, with special combinations of characters.
Vast field, various monsters and 9 dungeons! These make this game more exciting. You can use a variety martial art skills and lethal moves with simple controls.

? Control

Left joypad is move and right-button is attack.
There are three shortcut-buttons under right-button to use 'combo attack'.

? Tip

When you level up you will get skill points.
Increase passive skills with the points to make your character stronger.
If you kill boss monsters, you will get powerful and rare items.
If you tap right-button continuously, you will see amazing 4 kinds of combo-attacks!

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