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"The main game is unique and it’s unique because it works."

"They really took a simple game like Snake (like the one on my old Nokia cellphone) and changed the concept."

"I was taken aback by how interesting it is to branch off over and over again and then panic because a huge cluster is about to explode!"

"The strength of this iPhone app, and the reason why the art doesn’t matter, is the programming. The game is very logical."

"I really liked this game. It was unique, it was executed very well, and despite the lacking of art, the game is fun."

(Appsafari review)

User reviews:

"Simple, unique...... Time flies while playing this game!"

"This game is great. Its simple to learn and impossible to master."

"A very original experience, if you're looking for something to keep you interested and a change from other generic games on the appstore, get this."

In OCTOPI, you control an 'octopi'. It is a fascinating creature, with a unique and cerebral movement style.

Your arcade flavored goal in this strategy game is simple: collect coins. But only those who can learn to think and react like a true octopi will be able to complete the game. One player complaint: "Level 11 is impossible."


- 11 levels fine tuned manually, each having a time limit of at most 2 minutes

- A challenge level with potentially unlimited duration, unlocked after the "impossible" 11th level (If you've made it that far: my score is 688, let me know if you pass it)

- Good looking, clean, simple interface designed to not get in between you and the game flow.

- Minimal amount of sound effects designed to only give cues about the gameplay, and let you enjoy your own music.

- Gameplay. Unique, mind expanding, addicting gameplay designed for your touch screen.

Every octopi has a 'skeleton' that consists of 5 to 12 regular cells and one central cell. Unlike existing creatures, the octopi can move without actually moving a cell.

You move your octopi by cloning its cells one at a time, extending an arm to get what you want, branching off from any cell you want. Only, you have to keep your cells connected to your base, or else they will die very soon.

As you add new cells, your old sells disappear peacefully, breaking connections to the base, endangering your other cells, bringing a cerebral dynamism to your octopi's movement.

*** If you like the game, join us at , share your tips and scores, see possible new features for the next update, chime in with your suggestions. ***

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