BRAND NEW GAME MODE ADDED! We added a "Boss Challenge" game mode to the MBL unlock condition, for those brave or adventurous enough to face this challenge!

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- TOP20 Paid Role-Playing App in US!
- #1 Paid Role-Playing App in Hong Kong
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Media reviews:

"Project Sanctuary is one of the best dual-stick shooters I've seen on the App Store yet." - TUAW's Daily App

" This is a bombastic, bloody, high intensity, overkill of a game app!" - 5/5 stars

"If fast shooting action is what you're after, it's certainly what you'll get. " – Pocket Gamer

"Project Sanctuary puts a lot of fun back into a genre that hasn’t been too enticing lately and easily deserves a spot on your device if you’re into exciting top-down shooters." - 4/5

"The Project Sanctuary pace is frantic, sometimes heart pounding!" - Joseph Ho

" It's quick and responsive, and it's got a surprisingly solid back-end, which includes four different characters to choose from, multiple game modes and settings, and even an in-game talent tree where you can specialize your characters and weapons as necessary in order to bring the best fight that you can." - Mike Schramm

"Project Sanctuary is a should buy at $0.99 and is one of the finest games in its genre." Felix Xiao

Do you strive for the excitement and adrenaline rush that comes with shooting action and adventure? Look no further! P. Sanctuary is tailored specially for you!

This is humanity’s darkest hour, as humans are confronted with the greatest bloodbath in their history. Having expanded their territories by conquering neighboring worlds, the ever-hungry gaze of the Trinigon Alliance now settles on the juiciest prize – the Earth.

Project Sanctuary is a breathtaking third-person shooter that uses a “top-down” view during gameplay. Are aspects like Versatile Replayability, Gripping Gameplay, and an Engaging Storyline in a game important to you? Then this is your game!

Players can choose between four customizable characters (including an Unlockable Character), each with their own strengths and abilities. The four characters’ experience and skills are linked, allowing the player to easily switch between characters to capitalize on their unique traits. Make use of these highly useful features as certain levels may call for faster movement speed while other levels may require more firepower.

•Mesmerizing visual effects and graphics
•RPG Elements including Customizable Skill Trees and Unlockable Characters and Weapons
•4 Player Co-Op
•4 Unique Game Modes: Single player and Multi-Player modes, Endurance and Arena
• 3 Difficulty Settings to choose from (Normal, Hard & Nightmare)
•12 Unrivalled Skills each with 5 different Levels
•13 Menacing enemies
•13 Specially-commissioned Gameplay Music Scores
•24 Unique Maps
•26 Different weapons, including 3 “Ultimate Weapons”
•31 Unlockable Achievements
•182 Pages of Engaging Comics

So what are you waiting for? Join us in Earth’s greatest battle!

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