In Resumo you can test your memory skills. Rules are very simple: watch the sequence and try to repeat it.

Resumo contains 2 game modes:

In this mode, you will get one more move to remember. Repeat every previous sequence move plus one extra for each sequence.

This time your sequence will become more various and unpredictible. In this mode, after completing each sequence, you will see completely different sequence plus traditionally, one more sequence move :)

Resumo offer You 3 different scenes to exercise your memory:

- Tuned - 4 nice lights straight from some tuned car.
- Car Indicators - I'm sure everybody know's how "NO GAS" warning looks like. I hope you dont get scared of all those flashing light's one after another. Just be brave!
- Telephone - Old rusted phone is still working…be sure to check it out!

Be sure to check this app. It's a great way to exercise your short-term memory.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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