RP Mancala is the Red Pony Software implementation of the traditional and very popular board game called Mancala. Mancala, also known as Kalah, is an easy to play yet challenging game. If you are not familiar with the rules, then don't worry, you can find them in the main game menu.

RP Mancala is a good looking and handy 1 player implementation of the game which provides a computer opponent with 4 different skill levels, so no matter what level you are playing, you will be able to find an appropriate level of challenge.

RP Mancala provides the option of a gameclock, which makes it impossible to the end a game in a draw. Similar to a gameclock in chess, the player with the least amount of time used thinking about a move wins. Using a gameclock adds another dimension to the game. See if you can keep up with the computer opponent!

In the game options it is also possible to select who should start the game; the iPhone or YOU. Our experience is that many players use the same opening move all the time, so letting the iPhone chose the opening move will create a new challenge for you as well.

It is our hope that RP Mancala will enable you to enjoy this classic game as much as we do!

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