====== Ver. 1.1 ======
English content has been added, now the game will switch between chinese and english according to iphone's language setting.

Affected content will be the following:
Title, Script, cut scene dialogue, and instruction.


Scarlet Witch is a 2D side scrolling shooting game developed by Gemmy Planet, and this is also the first attempt of iPhone game by the company.
Player controls the Little Witch attacking and destroying enemies while dodging various enemys' attacks.

- Unique characters with colorful close up portraits and lively bitmap animation
- 4 different stage backgrounds
- 4 unique bosses, each with more than 6 types of attack mode.
- 12 types of minions, each with different behavior.
- 4 types of power-ups, each has different benefits to Little Witch
- Other than standard attack, Little Witch has 3 types of magic skill.
- Player will use his/her finger to draw the desired skill shape to active the skill.
- Unique Arcane Rush skill to penetrate enemies’ projectile attacks.




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