There is not aesthetic 2D graphics.
There is not stunning 3D graphics.
There is not sound effect.

There is ONLY a classic game, a fun game, a Snake game.

No need too many words, everyone know it.

Added more game elements in Advanced Mode, you will like it.


- Imitate Monochrome Screen And Matrix Display
- Pause/Autosave Game

- Two Game Modes (Classic Mode/Advanced Mode)
- Five Speed Levels
- Border

- Six Different Barriers (In Advanced Mode)
- Six Different Function Foods (In Advanced Mode)
- Add Combo Score. The More You Gain Combo, The Higher You Get Score. (In Advanced Mode)

- Integrated With OpenFeint
- Total 80 Leaderboards. Each Game Type With Its Own High Score Table.
- Total 27 Achievements.

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