From GameHive, creators of the #1 game world wide Antrim Escape, comes the most exciting jumping, running, and dashing adventure!

Spikies lives in a peaceful and joyful land that has plenty of green. One day, a mean group of cute monsters invades the spikies' land and devours all the grass. These cutie-meanies are going to pay for ruining the Spikiesland!!! Spikie runs. Spikie jumps. Spikie rolls around. Spikie kills to claim his land back!

With help from Boomerang, Stingray, Spartan, and other secret spikies, you will be guiding Spikie to run around in the Spikieland and kill the cutie-meanies. From easy-peasy to impossible stages, Spikies features days of addicting fun. Don't let your friends beat those stage-5's before you!

+ 6 playable characters with upgrades to unlock
+ 3 beautifully crafted themes
+ 15 stages with a wide range of difficulties
+ Relaxing music with entertaining sound effects
+ 20 seconds to learn, endless hours of fun
+ Unlockables, achievements, openFeint leaderboard integration

+ Tap anywhere on the screen to Jump
+ Tap Dash button to go faster and jump farther
+ Tap Dash button to dash through enemies
+ You can AirDash by: Jump + Dash
+ A max of 2 AirDashes per jump
+ Collect Balloons for more scores
+ Collect Balloons to recharge AirDashes (every 10 points)
+ Collect Baby Spikies to unlock secrets (3 baby spikies per stage)
+ Locations of Dash/Skill buttons can be changed in "Info Rock" at the title screen
+ Screen Orientation can also be changed in "Info Rock"
+ If you are lucky you can random the Chaos Spikie (a black spikie). He can destroy monsters without Dashing

NOTE: if you did not enable OPENFEINT the first time you play, you can re-enable it by tapping on the "Info Rock" at title screen and then tapping "Leaderboard"

Visit for more info on Spikies, stages and more secrets.

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