Introducing the air hockey game with new spinning and curving effects for iPad.
On the iPad's large screen, fully enjoy the sensation of spinning and curving.
Once you get used to it, you cannot return to ordinary air hockey games again. Spin it!

[* Gameplay Video on iPad *]
(search with "spin air hockey ipad" on YouTube)

Your friends can register as players, and all scores and averages will be recorded. You can keep track of who has a winning or losing record, and check your overall rankings for more fun!

[* Game Features *]
- Spinning and Curving
Flick the side of the puck to make it spin.
The more you spin the puck, the more explosive your return hits are. Generate strong curves using rotational direction.
Catch the new sensation of spinning, and score a flashy goal.

- 2-person Play
Two people can use one iPad for head-to-head competition.

- Friends can register as players
Friends enter their nicknames, and then each time you play, all your scores will be recorded.

- Rankings / Opponent-play Scorelines
All players' wins and percentages are ranked, so you can see everyone's records.

- AI Player
When by yourself, you can play against the computer's AI player.
Win the game and advance to the next level. Try to make it all the way to level 5!
The AI player is a real opponent, so don't take it lightly. Try not to let it beat you!

- Spin Sensibility and Goal Sizes
You can change the settings to adjust the game difficulty,
for an all-new kind of play.

Don't miss out on this air hockey game with a new sensation!

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