***** “5 Stars! Great Game for a Great Cause! This riveting and charitable game is the best we’ve ever played,” our moms have told their friends.

All the proceeds from Sproutster are donated to the UN World Food Program to feed malnourished kids. In Sproutster, you’re a little sprout-dude who is running around catching falling raindrop letters. After you spell a word in your bucket, you dump it on a rice plant and the plant sprouts a word leaf. You travel the world growing rice and we donate the rice you grow to feed real kids. The more you play, the more we donate!

Sproutster is a game from Dreamkind, an award-winning entertainment studio focused on raising money for children’s charities worldwide. You need to help Sproutster grow rice to feed your friends in different countries around the world. You must catch falling letters in your bucket to spell 3-5 letter words. When you catch 10 words and a sun drop, your rice plant grows to its full size and you can feed all your friends in that country. You and Sproutster then move on to a new adventure in another country. As you move from country to country, the rain falls faster and the game becomes more challenging. You travel to India, Egypt, Japan, China and many other countries. By the time you have reached your 10th country, it is pouring letters, and you must help Sproutster catch the letters you need, while dodging the ones you don’t.

All of the proceeds from Sproutster are donated to the United Nations World Food Program to buy rice. The more people that play Sproutster, the more we donate to feed hungry children, eradicate global poverty and build a sustainable planet. With your help, we can bring about change, one grain of rice at a time.

Like, which inspired us, we are committed to helping feed children throughout the world. For each plant Sproutster grows, we donate 30-50 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program. In just a day, a player can donate thousands of grains of rice, which goes a long way to relieving world hunger. If we multiply this by millions of people playing, we can truly help change the world. So, the more you play, the more we donate, and the more you help others!

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