TIP OF THE WEEK: You have only three pieces and they can be moved on the board! So keep on playing by moving your pieces until someone wins.
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This is tic tac toe with a twist. It is played on 3x3 board with movable pieces. The star pieces are special.
The two simple rules of the game turn it to into a game of deep strategy and endless fun.

Easy toolbar options provide ability to take back your moves and play them again. Also you can play action replay.

Objective: Get three of your pieces in a row.

1. On your turn, move one of your pieces to an empty cell or just swap the stars instead to change the game.
2. White always plays first.

Strategy for winning:
- It helps to capture the center cell.
- You should not miss any opportunity to "block" your opponent from completing a row by placing your pieces strategically.
- Try to form a "fork" by placing a piece in such a way that you can potentially complete the row in two ways. In this case the opponent can block only one row and you win by completing the other row.
- Do not block the opponents row with a star. Remember the stars can be swapped.

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