Wordable is a fun and addictive word game where users race against the clock to create words from eight random letters.

Ninety second games make it easy to pick up and play when you need to kill a couple minutes.

Gameplay is available in three formats:

- Facebook Friend Challenges. Send challenges to one or more Facebook friends who have Wordable. Play your challenges immediately or whenever it is convenient.
- Single player mode where you compete against your own best scores whether you have network access or not.
- Network game where you can play online with all other Wordable users.

*Facebook & Network formats are available as a thirty day trial with an in-app purchase to use beyond that. Finally try the full app before you have to buy it.

Post your results to Facebook to brag about how good you are.

If you like Scrabble, Wordster, Words With Friends, or any other game that has to do with creating words, this game is for you.

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