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Please pay attention: You control your fish by tilting your iPhone/iPad. The game should be played at a 45-degree angle.

Whether you are on the train, in the car or in the middle of an agonizingly long walk on the beach, Fish Eat Fish is always there. Whilst pastime applications tend of lose their initial charms pretty quickly, F.E.F. doesn’t, and that’s precisely what makes it the biggest fish in the app ocean.

How would you like to be the next shark on the screen? 

Both a game and an app require several key ingredients including dazzling looks, easy handling, and perhaps most importantly, a great idea. The list of course goes on, but we’re glad to announce that Fish Eat Fish got all of these and much, much more.
F.E.F. is not the next step in achieving cold fusion, it’s only a brilliant game concept packed and marinated with underwater graphics, an unattainable aqua tune and an array of awesome features. All these and more make it the single most addictive game in the tank.

Once the player fingertipped their way through the gorgeously textured & painted menu and gotten the hang of holding a real-life animated aqua setting in their  hands, bracing for impact is advised,  because portable gaming will never (ever) look the same!
F.E.F. is all about eating everyone and everything else on screen, while attempting to grow bigger and bigger (by eating smaller fish) and avoiding bigger fish and objects in the meantime. These really need to be avoided if one’s not looking to get eaten, and become underwater sushi and fish sticks.
This 21st century game app consists of a super-addictive nut blend of 10 gorgeously designed accelerating levels, which become more and more challenging and more diverse at each level. As the player progresses through the different levels the fish become faster, the adrenalin is pumping quicker and navigating the screen reveals more and more of the game’s true essence.
With that smooth, easy-to-handle interface and dozens of new, sundry elements that add up throughout the entire course of the game, Fish Eat Fish is the hi-tech equivalent of a page-turning Dan Brown thriller that makes it possible for everyone to turn that boring ride into an addictive brain, & finger-teaser.

Why Fish Eat Fish? Simple  as a whistle.  There are tons of colorful pixels in the ocean and exactly 10^59 microorganisms (fun fact), but there is only one F.E.F. in the app store, and it’s this one. Combining the classic, ever-lasting charms and pizzazz of Kong and Mario with a constant score counter; sizzling HQ graphics modeled, textured, colored and animated especially for that custom aqua impression and the modern wonder of the touch-screen voodoo technology, Fish Eat Fish is like an old James Bond film with modern-day special-effects: breathtaking.

So, what are we waiting for? There’s no more need for the barrage of gory shooters, poor classic game remakes or dry boredom-inflators. Fish Eat Fish brings life to an old concept, adds a 21st century twist to which makes it one of the most addictive games out there!

Get your F. E. F. today!

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