Classic game in doodle & retina version!

Vintage electronic game with a wolf catching eggs in the hen house was one of the most popular games in Eastern Europe in the 80’s! It was knockoff of G&W product. Now you can have modified version of this immortal classic prepared for iPhone.
Game with the great gameplay - even more entertaining than original. It’s pretty easy to learn the rules - after a few seconds of playing you can start to fight for the best score. Have fun!

How to play? You have to catch as many falling eggs as you can. Game levels are getting more and more difficult with time. It means more eggs falling at the same time and the clock ticking faster and faster. Controlling the game is very simple. Move wolf's hands by tapping the four buttons in order to catch falling eggs. Beware of eggs breaking on the ground, after 4th crash the game is over.

Fight for the best score with egg catchers from whole world!

Compare your score to other players results with on-line charts!

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