COMPATIBLE WITH ALL GENERATIONS OF iPHONE & iPOD TOUCH!OPTIMIZED FOR iPHONE 4! High-definition graphics that fully utilize the iPhone 4 Retina display.We’ve brought the game to an all-new playing field for the most realistic soccer experience ever on iPhone. Prepare for totally new graphics and animations that will impress even long-time fans of the series. This is your chance to be a Real Soccer champion, just like David Villa, in the most exciting sports simulation to date. Acclaimed by the press last year as the soccer game to beat:“Real Soccer is a great game…a more fast-paced and streamlined experience than its rivals.” – Slide To Play (4/4)"Real Soccer comes highly recommended to newcomers and diehard soccer fans alike." - AppModo"Arguably one of the best iPhone games released this year, and certainly the best sports game" - MacWorld (4.5/5)A NEW VISUAL APPROACHThe revamped graphics push the definition of “life-like” and motion capture technology has allowed us to create the most fluid player animations based on movements of pro soccer players.RELIVE SOCCER HISTORYJump into soccer’s most exciting moments with a History mode that lets you alter the course of the game’s most epic matches. Can you change the result of the last European Clubs Cup?EVEN MORE TEAMSThe game’s depth has been pushed even further than before by including a whopping 14 leagues and 350 teams, plus the official licenses for FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. It also includes the names of real players thanks to the FIFPro license. Find your favorite players in leagues such as the English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian and Argentine leagues, plus national teams like Brazil, Argentina, England, Italy, Portugal and France.ALL YOUR FAVORITE MODESManage your team like a coach and lead them on the field throughout the season in Club Master.Step into the spotlight and control the life of a single player in Enter the Legend.Challenge your friends to epic matches in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Multiplayer.SEE THE ACTION LIKE ON TVDynamic camera angles, coach reactions, player celebrations and more make every minute of gameplay feel like you’re watching the match live!SHOW YOUR STUFF ON YOUTUBEMade an amazing goal? Somehow dribbled your way around three defenders? Show everyone! Upload your favorite replays directly to YouTube and forever bask in your glory.ONLINE PLAYERBASE UPDATESKeep your game up-to-date with all the most recent player transfers and lineup changes thanks to regular online updates.SOCCER NEWS ON-DEMANDAccess official soccer news feeds right from the game menu and never miss the scores while playing your own games.***** Game Hunter Challenge:Tweet: I found a new @Gameloft Game! Real Soccer 2011: #GameHunter212 Join the hunt: and follow @Gameloft!What's this?***************************************************************************Visit us on www.realsoccer2011.comFollow Gameloft on Twitter to get more info about all our upcoming titles at or like us on Facebook at

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