***New Version 1.1 just submitted to Apple***
"As the developer of LightPoint, I want to ensure you get the best gaming for the best value. LightPoint 1.1 was just submitted for approval bringing even more gameplay with new modes including the brand new Survival Mode. Also included is a level selector which will allow you to start anywhere or right where you left off. This including many other features make this an exciting update.

Until then, I bring a sale I didn't intend for a while, but feel is fair....


Thank you for being a part of this and contact me if you want to reach out. Have a great day and enjoy LightPoint!"

LightPoint for the iPhone and iPod Touch

LightPoint is an amazing new puzzle experience that anyone can enjoy, especially families. Each level offers a grid of blocks that get bigger as the levels progress and all of the blocks hide different symbols that determine if a block is good or bad. The goal of the game is to activate all of the good blocks within each level before time runs out. These symbols or also referred to as Runes, if bad, can end the game in an instant or help guide you to victory. Your main tool to navigate each level is called a LightPoint and it allows you to get a quick glimpse of the Runes hidden so you may choose your way wisely. But beware, use it carelessly and it may cost you the game. Do you have what it takes to illuminate your path? Get ready, this is LightPoint!!!

3 Game Modes, 290+ Levels Of Fun:
-Arcade: Offering a great experience for the casual gamer and the standard mode of gameplay for LightPoint
-Hardcore: Pumps up the difficulty and speed to a much harder level
-Insanity: 255 Hardcore levels with handicaps, however your overall score is compounded between each level. Most definitely not for the faint of heart…..

Endless Replayability
-The game was developed to never give you the same experience twice. Each level is randomly generated so you will always get new puzzles you have not encountered before which will keep the experience fresh for as long as you play!

Beautifully Rendered Graphics:
-Amazing effects and rendering light up your eyes with excitement!!!
-Full Retina Display support for bringing HD graphics to the iPhone 4 and next-gen iPod Touch

Facebook Integration:
-Log into Facebook and have LightPoint post your newest achievements to share with your family and friends

-Online world-wide leaderboards giving you a chance to rank against the best
-Separate device leaderboards to see how you rank against friends on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Amazing Developer Support!!!
-New Updates planned will bring more features to the game in the future
-Looking forward to hearing back from the community and understanding most what makes their experience better
-Contact CGS by checking out

AppStore Reviews:
"This is the most creative new puzzle game I have played in years. Every other game I have played can be, and usually is compared to another game. This is the first game I have played that when asked, "what's it like", I don't have anything to compare it to. It's addicting, challenging, and fun as hell! I would have been happy to pay $4.99 for it, and for 1.99 ........ GET IT!!! This game rocks!!"

"I have not been able to put this game down since the moment I bought it! I love the unique strategy of the gameplay, and the graphics and music are superb as well. By far my favorite game for the iPhone and guess what, it looks fabulous on my iPad too!"

"I love this game. using my memory at extreme speeds is a new experience in puzzle gaming. I tried the light version on my friends Iphone and had a great time, but the game really takes ooff on level 6 in the full version, new symbols strategy and challenges. I will be playing this game for a long time to come. Highly recommended!"

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