Warfare Officer puts you in command of your own fleet. Defend your base and destroy your enemy!

Play single or multi-player on all iOS devices, battle between iPhone v iPad or iTouch!


* ObjectiveTo win the game, you must destroy your opponent's base. You'll choose a fleet of 3 ships that will respawn if destroyed, each ship has its own special abilities and powerups can be gathered from the crate drops around the map.

* Moving & Attacking
You can select your vessels by using either the ship icons at the bottom of the screen, or just by clicking on a ship.
Once selected you are in 'move' mode, click any destination on the map to send your ship to that point.
Use your missile, torpedo and machine gun attacks to destroy enemy ships. With a ship selected, select the attack you want to use. A range circle will appear letting you know how far you can fire.
New attacks can be picked up by driving through the crates that are dropped periodically.

* Countermeasures & Decoys
Your countermeasure powerup will protect your ship from attack for a short period, if you have an Electronics Technician personnel you will be able to reuse your countermeasures after re-charging.
Decoy crates can be dropped to trap your opponent, these will explode on contact with any ship (including your own!).

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