Abalinio is based on one of the old African Mancala games which have been around for hundreds of years. The name Abalinio is derived of the Spanish Abalón (Pearl). Like in chess and similar board games you and the iPhone or iPad take turns. You must push 6 of your opponent's game pieces from the board to win. Game pieces are moved by selecting one of one's own game pieces and then tapping an empty field or other owned game piece next to it in order to indicate a direction.

Abalinio features a hexagonal board which allows game pieces to move in 6 directions. A very basic move consists of two actions - tapping the game piece once to highlight it and then tapping an adjacent field or gam piece to indicate the move's direction. Basic moves may move up to 3 of one's own balls which in turn can move up to 2 of the opponents balls. In order to move one's opponent's game pieces one must have the higher line strength. There are also so-called fliche moves which can only be executed into empty fields. Watch the movie on our website to see everything in action.

In Settings you have the choice between two basic styles for Abalinio - the standard style and the split configuration shown above. Furthermore there are three difficulty settings. The game's AI is pretty strong, so you might want to start out with an easy settings. Also available here is a preference for which color stones you'd like to use. Remember - in this game orange gets the first move. Last but not least, you can turn off the sound for this game with the Sound switch.

Abalinio features fully animated game play and interface sounds. It has 3 degrees of difficulty and two basic start positions. So-called fliche moves are supported as well - these are moves that reposition up to three game pieces sideways into unoccupied slots. The game also keeps score of played games and number of wins. Enjoy!

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