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Whats the Best game type combinations?

What are good Game combinations? Like one I did was a Ninja adventure game, which sure sounds fun to me, but they kept mentioning what a odd combination it was and how they didn't know if it would sell well.

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Panzerbat answered:

My most successful game types were: Simulation & Romance, Online Sim & Game Co., Action & Historical and Online RPG & Fantasy.
In my mind Simulation is the best game type. It works extremely well will so many genres like Architecture, Train and Soccer, just to name a few.
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gOwCoD4 answered:

I found that Shooter & War, RPG & Dungeon, Ninja & Action, and Shooter & Monster do really well ^^'
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Overtaker300 answered:

Racing->Marathon i got 32 with a hacker on all of the things
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