So you think Vampires can be nice and charming ... think again.

You'll be shoving toothpicks into your eyelids to try and stay awake just to stop the nightmares.

Wave after wave of neck chomping, blood gulping vampires are coming to get you. Catch the skulls for upgraded weapons to fight to the death. Watch out of the ghouls who stole the neighbor's riding lawnmower and are going to run you down.

Listen to our vampire fighting music or might we suggest something like 'Dead Man's Party' by Oingo Boingo or 'Pet Semetary' by the Ramones from your collection while you play - yup, just start your iPod playing before you start the game and you can slaughter vampires to your favorite tunes.

Warning: This is a couple of bucks. If you are one of those who think 3D reality should jump off the small screen and rock your world - please let the vampires kill you for real instead of writing a stupid review of our awesome game that we put a bunch of time into making.

To sharpen your brain try out our cool puzzle game Full Tilt, brush up on your history with US Presidents, or smash someone in the teeth with Hockey Head 2 Head.

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Peace out.

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