A FREE Festival Treat from Paper Ninja! Enjoy!

(Paper Ninja) TOP 10 Paid Apps in Singapore and TOP 100 Games/Arcade/Action in many countries! *"What's Hot" and "New and Noteworthy" in many countries!

It's been months since the Grand Master turned the Ninjas into Paper...

Without fail, the Paper Ninjas attempted to steal the Ancient Scrolls every night...

One night, the Grand Master heard a gentle knock on his door.

To his surprise... TREAT OR TRICK!

Mobile Tech Review - 4.75 Stars*Paper Ninja has a simple gameplay that’s amazingly addictive. It has ton of replay value and it’s a game that you can play for a couple of minutes while waiting in line.

AppAdvice - 4 Stars. Should buy!*Its price of $0.99 is very reasonable for the amount of game on offer. Highly recommended!

**AppModo - *I enjoyed playing this game as did my kids, it’s a fun fit for iPhone gamers of all ages.

*Paper Ninja is a fast and exciting game that requires players to make split second strategic decisions and execute quick combo attacks. It is designed so that players can feel the thrill of a sword-fight by using a finger. Just like sword fighting, it is easy to pickup but difficult to master.

Paper Ninja Full Version is packed with*
* Power up with 5 Godly Skills! *
* Beautiful artwork and environment.
* Exciting challenges with different unique gameplay.
* 15 new Achievements (and more on the way) to collect and post on your Facebook and twitter!
* Lots of OpenFeint leadership boards to compete with your friends.
* Submit your score and compete with the rest of the world to be the best! *
* Optional kids-friendly setting (no bloodshed) available as requested by peace loving friends.
* Humourous storyline.
** 12 levels of difficulty in Dojo mode.

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