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Have you ever been forced to eat your vegetables? Well now its time to take your revenge! You have been given a mission to annihilate as many veggies as possible without getting destroyed yourself.

You are equipped with a spaceship with all the latest anti-veggie weapons technology – everything from the high powered multi-colored candy lasers to jawbreaker missiles and much more! You will need all your equipment and instincts to put an end to the veggie invasion.

Game play is simple. Fly your ship through space, using your various weapons and power-ups to take out the veggies. Each veggie that hits your ship takes away some of your health, lose it all and the game is over. Hit power-ups with your ship to gain new abilities that will help you on your mission.

In Normal Mode, you progress through levels of increasing difficulty, gaining access to new power-ups and more dangerous veggies as you go. In Sudden Death Mode, you start with the full force of veggies coming at you, but also with a full arsenal of power-ups available to acquire.

-6 unique power-ups
-4 different veggies to fight
-Normal and Sudden Death modes
-Tilt or touch control options
-Groovin’ soundtrack
-High Scores for both game modes
-Story and explanations of all the veggies and power-ups

Good luck on your mission!

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