The game is very simple. You throw the sticks and based on the results, you move your Mal or grouped Mals around the board until they exit the board. The player who brings all their Mals to the Goal point first wins the game.

[ iPhone Version Features ]
- Play up to 4 Players
- Each player can be Human or Device.
- Back rules are available.
- Seoul rules are available.
- Busan rules are available.
- English language supported.
- Japanese language supported.

By default all options rules are turned ON, which you can change the status through the Main settings to experience deferent styles of the Traditional Korean game Yutnori.

iYutnori is based on a Traditional Korean Board Game, which researchers suggests that Yutnori was played as early as the Three Kingdoms (57 BCE - 668 CE), citing the Taiping Yulan days by the people of Baekje ( Over 1600 years ago ).

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