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Are you looking for the next generation Tic-Tac-Toe (X's and O's or Noughts and Crosses) game? If so, this game is for you.

PenTacToe is a premium Tic-Tac-Toe game based on unique patent pending game board design. The name 'PenTacToe' is based on the combination of the Greek word 'Pente' for five and popular game tic-tac-toe. PenTacToe has five overlapping tic-tac-toe grids. The most interesting fact about PenTacToe is that due to its unique patent pending design the game can result in millions of combinations. The player playing the game gets a different experience every time the game is played. You can even listen to the music from your iTunes library while playing the game.

Great reviews in the first week of launch:
"PenTacToe brings the beloved pen-and-paper game into the 21st Century." - iFanzine
"Tic-tac-toe gains a new dimension on iPhone" - News & Observer

The full version of PenTacToe is available with four levels of difficulty. The game is very simple and interesting at the same time. It becomes increasingly challenging and addictive as you play at higher levels.

PenTacToe supports three modes of play:
1 Player - Play against iPhone or iPod touch
2 Player - Play with another human on the same iPhone or iPod touch
Nearby - Play with another human over the same wi-fi network

How to Play?
PenTacToe is a turn by turn game. It is based on regular tic-tac-toe game.The objective of the player is to score more tic-tac-toes than the opponent. One point is awarded for each successful tic-tac-toe. A player can score more than one point in one move if the move results in more than one tic-tac-toe. The game ends after 41 moves. The player with more points wins the game.

We recommend installing PenTacToe on iPhone and iPod touch with OS 3.0 and above.

Playing tic-tac-toe on iPhone or iPod Touch has never been so exciting. Get PenTacToe today and join the fun.

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