Xbubble3 is a HIT strategy game.

This game requires attentiveness, cleverness.


Xbubble3 goal is to delete all balls on the checkerboard.

Depending the level it is a 25,36,49 … balls checkerboard.

There is 9 levels.

So be ready for extreme deduction.


Rules are the following.

You can click the ball you want.
Depending the level you have 5,6,7 … click to delete all balls

If you fail deleting all the balls you have to fill the checkerboard with balls whose color is defined randomly.
One time the checkerboard is filled you can try to delete all the ball one more time.

So you switch between deleting balls and filling the checkerboard until you manage to delete all the balls.


Game features :

?Addicting Gameplay?
?Cool design?
?Sound effect?
?Cocos2d use?

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