The "Playmate XGA" bundle including multiple characters and discounts.
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This app has heavy memory usage.
In order to maintain the stability of the application.
Please reboot your device first before use.

Please visit our website for more details:
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? Introduction ?
The Playmate series is a "Card Matching" doujin game for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad,
You can challenge a variety of characters.

In addition, A total of 2 game mode,
Auto round save / continue feature,
3 languages : English, Japanese and Chinese,
And 15 selected music can enjoy.

Illustrator : Riya.

This app has heavy memory usage.
If you have the stability problem.
Please reboot your device before use.

? How to play ?
In the "Card Matching" game,
There has been a 6x8 table, and 48 cards,
You can preview all cards on every start of round,
The card pattern is different in every round,
All 5 rounds and total 5 card pattern!

You need to remember all card as much as possible,
Then all cards will be covered,
You have to choose two cards in the table,
If the pattern of two cards is the same(Match),
These two cards will disappear,
Otherwise, These two cards will be covered again.

There are two game modes:
1. Life point mode:
You only have several time chances for the wrong match.
2. Time Limited mode:
You must make any correct match in the limit time.

If you can't achieve goals above,
The card would be re-shuffle,
Once you clear the cards, In the next round,
The picture will be more lucid.
You have to win to the 5th round for all clear,
Then you can unlock the gallery mode,
There are three difficult that you can challenge.


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