Touch Paw is two video games in one - One for dogs. One for cats.

That's right... The games are for dogs & cats. To play. On your iPad.

Our dog Hustler had hip replacement surgery & we wanted to make
something fun & goofy to help keep him amused during his recovery.

Touch Paw Dogs animates through a series of "positive" & "negative" images. If the image on the screen is positive touch the screen with your nose or paw. You receive one point for each correct answer. You lose one point for each incorrect answer. Ask your human to give you a treat when you get an answer right. Tell them it's your iPad now.

Touch Paw Cats is a virtual fish tank. Tap the screen with your paw to startle & scare the fish. Eventually the fish will calm down so you can scare them again. Don't worry, they won't mind - They're virtual!

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