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Who doesn't want to play with a woman? But wait, we are talking about a game for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad - bindi.

This game is to put bindi (a forehead decoration worn by women in South Asia, especially in India and Bangladesh) on a gorgeous Indian woman. Sounds sappy? But we found that the game is highly addictive among our 20 beta users. Their recommendation gave us confidence to showcase it to a larger audience.

Come, let's play a game with a lovely Indian woman ;)


The game has two modes - Normal and Prank.

Normal mode:
Launch the app, read instructions, and start the game. You see a good looking woman's face. Now close your eyes and try applying bindi on her forehead. The right spot is between her eyebrows, slightly above the eyebrow line.

Now remember! There is no fun in doing this while keeping your eyes open. You may think this is very easy to do. Try playing and then you'll realize how hard it is and fun.

Prank mode:
If you really want to prank some of your friends, this is your chance. Something they would not have thought about it. :)

Swipe left on the screen to enter prank mode. You can see a small red dot indicator at the left bottom corner of the screen. Now ask your friends to apply bindi. The fun begins!

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