Drop coins and guess how many coins are in the CoinJar!

A fun educational app for kids.

Developed for ages 3 to 9

Drop pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars coins, or any combination of coins.

Based on a favorite guessing game, this app allows you to fill the CoinJar and estimate how many coins are in the CoinJar. Switch the setting to "Total Cash" to guess how much money is in the CoinJar.

Watch coins crash into each other while filling the CoinJar. Or see how many coins you can stack before they topple over.

The interactive Cash Register allows you to keep guessing until you answer correctly. The Cash Register also gives you hints if your guess is not correct. Was your guess too high? Too low?

This addictive game teaches counting, estimation, and coin recognition.

Inspired by our children; created by professionals.
Have fun learning!

Watch our video at:

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