Members of the infamous Tense Gang have escaped and it’s up to the Grammar Police to stop them!

Grammar Police is a fun addictive game which teaches the basics of English grammar. In this edition, learn the usage of proper tenses and sentence construction as you lead the grammar police in catching the Tense Gang and their bosses Adjective and Adverb!

This game is designed and developed by qualified English Language teachers, for Pre-intermediate to Intermediate level English Learners of all ages.

How to play
The Tense Gang are trying to escape and they are hiding among innocent people! Help catch these criminals across the city, the sky and the sea!
Complete the sentences by tapping on the correct word in the correct sequence. Be careful not to tap on innocent bystanders

* Fun addictive gameplay that aims to improve your command of the English language
* Grammar practices that focus on present, past and future tense, as well as exercises on modal and phrasal verbs.
* Randomly generated sentences to ensure re-playability!
* Original and attractive hand drawn animation
* Suitable for gamers and learners of all ages!
* Openfeint connectivity for achievements and high scores!

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