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Guesstimation™ is an exciting new twist on traditional trivia games! And you don’t need to know the exact answer—you just have to have the closest guess.

How to Play:
During each round, a question is presented and players secretly enter their guesses on the iPad. For example, “How many hot dogs are eaten in North America every minute?” Go ahead, take a guess! After each player has submitted their guess, all answers are displayed and the real answer is revealed. Your answer may be off by 10 or 10 million, but as long as you’re the player with the closest guess, you win the round and advance around the “board”.

So, how many hot dogs are eaten in North America every minute? (Answer: 37,900)

Cool Features about Guesstimation for iPad:
•Up to 6 players can play!
•Includes 500 questions, covering everything from “How many stars are on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame?” to “How many degrees can an owl turn its head?” to “How many fireplaces are there in the White House?”
•Great multi-generational game for family game night
•Soon to be available in 9 different languages.

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