Have you ever dreamed of what your future will be like: Who will you marry? Where will you live? Will you have children? Well, thanks to your very own fairy godmother and advanced technology, you now can see you destiny!

Through a series of “mini-games” your fairy godmother will use the outcomes to create a vision of your husband (Handsome, Ugly, Geeky or Smart), his occupation, your city in which you will live and how many children you will have. Scan your fingerprint on the magic mirror to determine your husband and spin the make-up color wheel to choose your home and city. See how long it takes you to keep the ballerina twirling in the center circle to determine your agility and concentration for how many children you will have. Finally, with a roll of the dice, all the other elements to your future will come into focus.

Your fairy godmother will give you a glimpse into your future. What are you waiting for? The answers are just moments away...

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