Prove your Geo-know-how and become the Map Maestro.

Can you locate all 50 States? Do you know Slovenia from Slovakia?

Map Maestro is the ultimate geo-quiz. A fun way to learn about the world with your fingertips. Impress your friends with your geographical knowledge, challenge them to beat your score.

How to Play

Press 'Start' to play, then choose a quiz from the list. Let's assume you have chosen European Countries.

Once you have chosen your quiz select a country to start the game. eg. France. The timer will start and the map will be displayed.

Find your selected country on the map. Move around the map with the drag action. Zoom in and out using the pinch action. When you think you have found your selected country just tap it.

Try to complete all the countries before the timer runs out. If you are fast enough you win a trophy.


North America :: States
North America :: State Capitals
Canada :: Provinces and Territories

UK :: Counties
UK :: National Parks

Africa :: Counties
Asia :: Countries
Europe:: Countries
Europe:: Capitals
Oceania :: Countries and Territories
South America :: Countries
Central America :: Countries

France :: Regions
Germany :: States
Italy :: Regions
Spain :: Autonomies
Japan :: Prefectures

Please note: Some very small countries have been omitted to make the game more enjoyable.

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