Perplexo Seasons is a new, unique brain puzzle game, with a touch of match 3 gameplay, a dash of sudoku’s pace, a pinch of solitaire’s planning and the addictive, fun quality that all these games share!

Take your time as you maximize your score in this mind-bending, deep game of object manipulation and choice.


Your goal in Perplexo Seasons is to rearrange the game pieces into connected sets of at least 3 like objects. The bigger and more complex the sets you create, the higher your score. The pool area at the top of the screen is where you store pieces as you set up high scoring sets. The pool also functions as your limit on moves. As you rearrange pieces within the game board, or shift pieces from the board to the pool and back again, you use up the moves allowed on that level. Once your pool of moves has been used up, you are presented with a final score tally and you find out if your score is good enough to advance further through the game.


> Choose which pieces to rearrange

> The order of piece placement is critical

> Beat the bronze score to continue

> Try to reach the gold star score in all levels

> The ultimate goal-outscore the game makers

> Wilds and multipliers improve your score

> More choices as moves/boards grow complex

> Undo erases your last move if needed

> Upgrade to PS Premium inside the app

> Compare high scores on OpenFeint

We hope you enjoy the countless choices and endless fun of Perplexo Seasons!

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