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After millions of game-plays online, the official version of word puzzle hit Qbox is now available for the iPad.

This challenging and addictive puzzle invites you to solve over 1500 different quotes of wisdom spanning over 3 eras of time and offering hours of game play.

With quotes from everyone from Gandhi and Einstein to Confucius and Bierce, adults and children alike will love solving quote puzzles and discovering new words of wisdom from the Old times, Middle Ages and Modern times.

The rules are simple: Original quotes start out by being reshuffled vertically within each column. In order to solve the puzzles, players must click on two letters positioned in the same column. Points are gained by completing the quote puzzles; extra bonus points are given for solving “colored tiles” that last a few seconds and blocked columns can help or hinder the process of finding quotes such as “ Corporations: An Ingenious Device For Obtaining Profit Without Individual Responsibility.”

This game is educational, fun, and is suitable for anyone from 8-80 years


Game Features:

3 different historical eras
27 levels to really challenge you
over 1500 different quotes of wisdom.
300 new quotes exclusively in the iPad version!
3 kinds of bonuses for "for a little extra zest"
Sharing your wisdom on Facebook!
Endless hours of fun…


Available for $3.99 on the App Store, Qbox also comes in an introductory Free Lite version for iPad users. Either way, players are sure to become a little smarter while getting hooked on this addictive word puzzle game.


"Just discovered this game about a month ago, and i liked it. Been playing eversince..."
paulamme -

"I love this game, and that owl is the cutest! I wish they made more of these smart brain games."
Fish -

"Great game! Actually have to sit and think about it. Unlike other games"
Ragzo -

"Qbox is a challenging, original and addictive Word game…"

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