Quick Rand! Candy is a funny game without any age limit and a visual feast full of tempting sweets.

With their own personality, All Cartoon characters have lovely image and childlike voice you must enjoy.

Do not underestimate the nature of game play, however. The arrangement of complex rules, will give you a wholly fresh experience for your vision, memory, graphics, discernment and, of course, concentration.

Whether you own or with your kids is a very wonderful trip to upgrade logic, to enhance agility unconsciously. Beautiful image and UI design, allows you to fully enjoy the game, bringing you back to the happy childhood full of songs... Again and again!

Kids also cannot resist such a cute and attractive image of the candy world. Rand! Candy conducts a mock military training, in a happy atmosphere. 1 to 5 stars are all the additional gifts the veteran awards you during the funny upgrading trip.

What a rewarding thing to get through all the dedicated level design and defeat people around you. Let’s enjoy the speed and now Here we go!!

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