A comedian once described humor as taking two unrelated things and combining them together. Second Take is the newest party game that is causing everyone to laugh out loud!

Each turn, one player from the guessing team will get an accent that the player must use to act out a scene. The player will tell their team the categories of the accent and scene (for example, Famous Person and Movie). The turn will have certain Cut! words that the player cannot say (just like Taboo). If a player from the opposing team hears you use a word that is not allowed they can yell out "CUT!" and the turn is over.

The team must guess BOTH the accent and scene to be successful and will receive 2 points.

However, if the player is unfamiliar or can't act out the scene, they can "skip" that card by pressing the skip button and perform just the accent (or vice versa) and their team will receive 1 point.

Second Take comes with 20 accents and 20 scenes for free that will be randomly placed together. You can purchase additional Add On packs of 50 accents and 50 scenes for $0.99 to expand your game and continue the fun!

Check out videos of people playing Second Take at and upload your own videos to YouTube with a hashtag of #SecondTakeGame so that we can find your video and feature it on our site!

Second Take - Make Your Own Movie Magic!

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