Sniper Blast is the iPhone version of PrizeLive's addictive and intense Sniper Blast flash game. Sniper Blast has been now optimized for the iPhone and provides a challenging and exciting user experience.

The premiss of Sniper Blast is simple. You simply shoot the disks as they appear on screen. Shooting the disks will increase your score. As you shoot more and more disks without missing, you will achieve a combo. The higher the combo, the more points you will receive when you shoot a disk. However, the disks will fly at you quicker when you have a larger combo. Throughout all of this mayhem, make sure not to shoot the ringed disks as they will null your combo and lose you points!

This version of Sniper Blast includes a new mode. The original is to race against the clock in a 60 second race to see how many disks can be shot down. The Combo Breaker mode is a mode where you are competing against the combo. See how many disks you can shoot without missing and receive point bonuses and power-ups the farther you go!

- Addictive, fun gameplay.
- Select your background for each game.
- Cool sound effects.
- Combo Breaker and Original mode.
- Neat, colourful, rich graphics.
- Overall statistics; track the amount of bullets you have ever shot, the amount of reloads, the amount of good disks shot, the amount of bad disks shot, and much more.
- Share scores via Email.

Check out the original Sniper Blast and PrizeLive by going to

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