If you consider yourself a word game pro, this game will deliver exciting, new challenges. The timer mode gives you big rewards for fast thinking. Stacking tiles up to three layers means word intersections are often more valuable than double word scores. Moving bonus squares add an element of excitement with unexpected high-scoring opportunities. In 'solitaire' mode, your winning strategy will be very different than in word games against a computer or other player: building off of smaller words has more play-after-play value, and the tiles you don't play are as important as the ones you do as you wait for the rotating bonus squares to line up. In person-to-person mode, bigger words have more strategic value and bomb tiles can be used to remove a player's tile dropped in "your spot."

Challenge yourself against the established leader board scores. You'll be surprised by the tactics required to compete against current champions.

Other features include a built-in dictionary to grow your vocabulary, up to four player online modes, complete play histories, comprehensive user stats, drop down tips, integrated morale booster and a 3-D board. For images and a complete description, please visit Note: Optimized for iPhone4 and iPad. Older devices may experience decrease in performance and battery life, especially if using the 3-D auto-tilt function.

Additional note: In lieu of a traditional "freemium" model which uses popup advertisements, SpellStacker's tiles simulate a dirtying of tiles as you play. The cost of development and monthly server costs are then offset by players who choose to purchase tile cleaner for 99 cents. Although the software developer assumed this was less intrusive and aesthetically more appealing than popup advertisements, some comments suggest that this is not always the case. To voice an opinion on whether or not you prefer a popup advertisement model, please leave a comment on's support page. SpellStacker's revenue model - and the revenue model for future games - will be reassessed in upcoming versions.

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