Become an ancient warrior with the power of Shunpo, the Straw Hat Samurai! The Aka-Ryu warlord is expanding his evil empire, straight into your land. If he overtakes your fort in the mountain pass, your kingdom is sushi. Your army is approaching, but can't make it in time - you have to hold off the approaching enemy until your reinforcements arrive.

With simple and intuitive controls, just swipe across the screen with your finger and compel the Samurai to slash his sword in an indefensible Shunpo attack! Earn bonus points by aiming for the head and watch as the enemy drone is overtaken and neutralized.

As you advance along the game, you will earn a bow and arrow, which can be easily drawn and shot with 2 quick touches - one on the Samurai to hold the bow, and a second swipe to aim and power the bow. Lift the second finger momentarily to shoot, and quickly re-draw, or lift both to stash the bow and be ready for a quick slash on the approaching enemy guard.

With enticing visuals and captivating theme music this game is quickly addictive and entertaining. You will find yourself irresistibly drawn to beheading Aka-Ryu warriors, shooting the sentinel guards out of reach in their tower with your bow and dodging spear-laden mad men with your slicing Katana sword attacks!

Straw Hat Samurai is simple, fun, and captivating – a perfect combination for this high-caliber samurai-fighting action game.

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